Welcome back to school! Here is where you will find homework assignments for the semester.

Friday, 1/16 (due Tuesday, 1/20)

Complete the Final Exam Study Guide

(except for the Reproductive System)

Monday, 12/22
Study for tomorrow's TEST

Friday, 12/19 (due Monday, 12/22)
  1. Project is due
  2. Urinary System assignments are due

Thursday, 12/18
Work on your project and on the assignments given yesterday

Wednesday, 12/17

The following 4 classwork assignments must be completed by Monday, 12/22

Completion of each assignment is a 10 point quiz grade

You are also responsible for asking any questions you may have about the material.

  • Kidney & Nephron diagrams/questions (completed)
  • Explain Filtration (written from viewing videos, from coloring worksheet, and/or from textbook)
  • Reading: Chapter 17 (notes)
  • Study Guide (completed)

Kidney & Nephron Diagrams

Study Guide: Urinary System

Videos can be found on the A&P Videos page of the wiki

Reminder: Your project is due on Monday, 12/22

  • This is a major assignment, and will be graded as such
  • Late submissions will result in 15 points off per day late

Tuesday, 12/16
Study for Quiz

Monday, 12/15
Prepare for Wednesday’s Quiz on the digestive system

Friday, 12/12
Work on your project

Thursday, 12/11 (due Monday, 12/16)
Complete the study guide on the digestive system

Wednesday, 12/10 (due Thursday, 12/11)
  • Read pages 423-429
  • Briefly describe the digestive functions of the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder

Tuesday, 12/9
Work on your project

Monday, 12/8
Study for tomorrow's QUIZ on the respiratory system

Friday, 12/5 (due Monday, 12/8)
Complete the Study Guide on the Respiratory System

Thursday, 12/4 (due Wednesday, 12/5)
Read pages 459-460 in the textbook
Answer practice questions 12-14 on page 460

Tuesday, 12/2 (due Wednesday, 12/3)
Read pages 454-459 in the textbook
Answer practice questions 9-11 on page 459

Monday, 12/1
Study for tomorrow's TEST

Tuesday, 11/25

The UNIT TEST will be Tuesday, 12/2

Begin working on the study guide in preparation for review when we return on Monday

Monday, 11/24 (due Tuesday, 11/25)
Complete the research required from today's case study on vaccinations

Friday, 11/21 (due Monday, 11/24)
  • Read section 14.8 in the textbook (pages 396-404)
  • Answer practice questions 29-31 on page 404

Thursday, 11/20 (due Friday, 11/21)
  • Read the “Science Clarified” article
  • Answer the questions at the end

Wednesday, 11/19
Study for tomorrow's test

Tuesday 11/18
Study for Thursday's test

Monday, 11/17
Work on the study guide

The Test will be Thursday, 11/20

Friday, 11/14 (due Monday, 11/17)
  • Your completed project is due on Monday.
  • It is worth a full test grade.
  • You will lose 15 points each day the project is late.

Thursday, 11/13
  • Finish the questions from the hypertension study article (given in class on Wednesday)
  • Finish the packets given in class on Thursday
  • Work on your project

Wednesday, 11/12
  1. Complete the article questions

Main Questions:

  • What were the key findings of the study?
  • How was the study conducted?
  • Do you think the methodology was sound?
  • What further questions might be raised by this study?


  • What are some ways in which hypertension can be controlled?

2. Continue work on your project

Tuesday, 11/11
Continue work on your project

Monday, 11/10 (due Tuesday, 11/11)
Read and take notes on section 13.4 of the textbook

Be able to explain the differences among:
  • arteries
  • arterioles
  • capillaries
  • venules
  • veins

Friday, 11/7
Work on your heart model project

Thursday, 11/6
Study for tomorrow’s quiz
  • blood cell types
  • ABO blood typing

Wednesday, 11/5 (due Thursday, 11/6)
Work on your human heart models

There will be a quiz on Friday, 11/7 - it will include blood cell types and ABO blood typing

Monday, 11/3 (due Wednesday, 11/5)
  • Read the article, “1. Blood and the Cells it Contains”
  • Answer the questions provided



You will have a PROJECT due on the structure of the heart

Project details and due dates will be discussed in class.
The handout is also posted below

This Week (starting 10/27):

Study for the MIDTERM EXAM

Friday, 10/24 (due Monday, 10/27)
Complete your book review

Thursday, 10/23 (due Friday, 10/24)
Complete the packet,

“Making Connections”

Also, here is the Midterm Study Guide

Wednesday, 10/22
Study for tomorrow’s TEST

Tuesday, 10/21 (due Wednesday, 10/22)
Complete the study guide for Thursday’s TEST

Monday, 10/20 (due Tuesday, 10/22)
Complete any research needed for the Case of the Sexually Arrested Orangutans

Friday, 10/17 (due Monday, 10/20)
Research and answer questions from the homework sheet.

Thursday, 10/16 (due Friday, 10/17)

  1. Research the differences between Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes
  2. Create a chart for each that includes:
  • The effects on the body
  • Warning signs
  • Target groups (who does it affect?)
  • Treatment

Wednesday, 10/15 (due Thursday, 10/16)

  • Create a chart that lists the signs and symptoms based on the level of body water loss (2%, 5%, and 10%)

  • Read section 11.8 (Adrenal glands). How do you think some of the hormones secreted by these glands (cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine) affect the body during times of dehydration and starvation?

Tuesday, 10/14 (due Wednesday, 10/15)
Make flashcards for all terms on the word wall

Monday, 10/13 (due Tuesday, 10/14)
Finish your anatomical sketch from today’s lab

Thursday, 10/9 (due Monday, 10/13)
Class Project (see handout)

  • Don’t forget the footnotes and resources. Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment!!

Wednesday, 10/8 (due Thursday, 10/9)
  • Turn in your resource index card
  • You must provide at least 4 reputable sources

Tuesday, 10/7
Class Project (see handout)
  • Continue researching/writing
  • Next due date: Thursday, 10/9 (Turn in your resource index card)

Monday, 10/6
Class Project: Nervous System Disorders (see handout for description and due dates)

Friday, 10/3
  1. Finish the article/essay on thinking (due Monday)


Essay Explanation

2.Study for Monday's QUIZ: the organization of the nervous system

Thursday, 10/2 (due Friday, 10/3)

Complete the following sections in your Student Study Guide:
  • 9.3 (pg. 71)
  • 9.4 (pgs. 72-73)
  • 9.5 (pg. 73)

Wednesday, 10/1 (due Thursday, 10/2)

Read and outline sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.15, and 9.16

Pay particular attention to finding out what these terms mean:
  • Central nervous system
  • Peripheral nervous system
  • sensory function
  • motor function
  • afferent neuron
  • efferent neuron
  • sensory receptors
  • effectors
  • somatic nervous system
  • autonomic nervous system
  • sympathetic division
  • parasympathetic division

Monday & Tuesday
Study for Wednesday's Test

Friday, 9/26 (due Monday, 9/29)

Complete the study guide for next week's test.

The test is Wednesday, 10/1

Thursday, 9/25 (due Friday, 9/26)
Complete the Pre-Lab for tomorrow’s dissection

This Pre-Lab will be graded like a quiz

Wednesday, 9/24 (due Thursday, 9/25)
  1. Read section 8.5 in the textbook
  2. Answer Practice Questions 19-21 on pg. 201
  3. Complete section 8.5 (pg. 63) in the Student Study Guide

Tuesday, 9/23 (due Wednesday, 9/24)
  1. Watch the video on how muscle contractions work (you will find it on the A&P Videos page)
  2. Read pages 190-195
  3. Try to explain in your own words how muscles contract

Monday, 9/22 (due Tuesday, 9/23)
Read the article on bone marrow.

Answer these questions:
  • What are the two types of bone marrow?
  • What is the main function of each?

Friday, 9/19
Study for Monday's QUIZ: identifying the major bones of the human skeleton

Thursday, 9/18 (due Friday, 9/19)
Read and take notes on pages 144-152 of the textbook

Wednesday, 9/17

Study for tomorrow's QUIZ on skin structures and functions

Monday, 9/15 (due Wednesday, 9/17)
Complete all questions and responses from the article,
“Not Just Another Day at the Beach”

This is due on Wednesday

Friday, 9/12 (due Monday, 9/15)
Read and take notes on Chapter 6 of the textbook

Thursday, 9/11 (due Friday, 9/12)
Read and familiarize yourself with the following sections of your dissection manual:
  • Preface, part A
  • Dissection 1, part A

You will need to have a binder for your manual.

Wednesday, 9/10

Study for Thursday's UNIT TEST

Tuesday, 9/9

Study for Thursday's UNIT TEST

Monday, 9/8 (due Tuesday, 9/9)
Finish your “Tissue Research" for your group poster

Friday, 9/5 (due Monday, 9/8)
Complete the study guide in preparation for next week’s UNIT TEST

Thursday, 9/4 (due Friday, 9/5)
Read chapter 5 in the textbook

Use your skimming skills to find the main functions of the four types of tissues (epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous)

Wednesday, 9/3 (due Thursday, 9/4)
Complete section 3.3 in the Student Study Guide

(bottom of pg. 21 through pg. 24)

Tuesday, 9/2 (due Wednesday, 9/3)
Read and take notes on section 3.3 of the textbook (Movements Through Cell Membranes)

Friday, 8/29

Study for Tuesday's QUIZ

The quiz will cover:
  • homeostasis
  • planes of reference
  • levels of organization

If you were absent on Friday, here is the reading from class on levels of organization:

Here is the handout showing the connection of anatomy to physiology for body temperature homeostasis:

Thursday, 8/28 (due Friday, 8/29)
  1. Read section 1.3 in the textbook
  2. Complete practice statements 5-7 on page 13
  3. Write out an explanation that relates the coordination of cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms to something non-living

Wednesday, 8/27 (due Thursday, 8/28)
Complete the following sections in the Student Study Guide:

  • 1.4 Characteristics of Life
  • 1.5 Maintenance of Life

You will need to access the textbook online.

Tuesday, 8/26 (due Wednesday, 8/27)
1. Three sheets to have signed:
  • course syllabus
  • lab safety contract
  • parent contact form

2. Fill out your "Biography Index" card