Welcome back to school! Here is where you will find homework assignments for the semester.

Friday, 1/16 (due Tuesday, 1/20)

Complete the Final Exam Study Guide

(except for the section on Evolution)

Monday, 12/22
Study for tomorrow's TEST

Friday, 12/19 (due Monday, 12/22)
  1. Project is due
  2. Complete questions 20-30 on the study guide

Thursday, 12/18 (due Friday, 12/19)
Complete your persuasive argument from today's activity

Be sure to follow the rubric provided

Wednesday, 12/17
Work on your Ebola project

Remember: the project is due Monday, 12/22

Tuesday, 12/16
Study for Quiz

Monday, 12/15
Prepare for Wednesday’s Quiz

Answer questions 1-19 on the study guide

Friday, 12/12
Work on your Ebola Project

Thursday, 12/11 (due Friday, 12/12)
  • Read pages 486-487
  • Take notes that explain the different ways in which we can treat bacterial infections and stop the spread of bacteria

Wednesday, 12/10
Work on your Ebola Project

Tuesday, 12/9
Work on your Ebola Project

Monday, 12/8
Work on your Ebola Project

Friday, 12/5 (due Monday, 12/8)
Complete the two comparison charts on Bacteria & Viruses

Thursday, 12/4 (due Friday, 12/5)
Answer questions 1-5 on page 483 of the textbook

Wednesday, 12/3
Read and take notes on:
  • pages 471-472
  • pages 478-481

Tuesday, 12/2
Study for tomorrow's TEST

Monday, 12/1
Study for Wednesday's TEST

Tuesday, 11/25 (due Monday, 12/1)

The UNIT TEST will be Wednesday, 12/3

Complete the study guide (except for questions on the greenhouse effect)

Monday, 11/24 (due Tuesday, 11/25)
Finish the packets given out in class

Friday, 11/21 (due Monday, 11/24)
  • Read pages 124-127 in the textbook
  • Answer questions 1-5 on page 127

Thursday, 11/20 (due Friday, 11/21)

  • Read pages 119-123 in the textbook
  • Answer questions 1-6 on page 123

Wednesday, 11/19 (due Thursday, 11/20)

Read the two articles on biodiversity.
Complete the chart provided.

Tuesday, 11/18
Study for tomorrow's test

Monday, 11/17 (due Tuesday, 11/18)
Complete the study guide

Friday, 11/14 (due Monday, 11/17)

The unit test will be Wednesday, 11/19

Complete the following sections of your study guide:

  • Introduction to Genetics
  • Meiosis

You will be responsible for completing the other two sections for Monday night’s homework

Thursday, 11/13 (due Friday, 11/14)
Finish the packets given in class on Thursday

Wednesday, 11/12 (due Thursday, 11/13)
  1. Read pages 272-274 in the textbook
  2. Create study questions from the reading
  3. You will need to understand the following types of inheritance patterns:
  • incomplete dominance
  • codominance
  • multiple alleles
  • polygenic traits

Tuesday, 11/11 (due Wednesday, 11/12)
  1. Draw a representation of both mitosis and meiosis
  2. Create a chart that shows similarities and differences between mitosis and meiosis

Monday, 11/10 (due Tuesday, 11/11)

Create study questions and a vocabulary study guide from today’s lesson

Friday, 11/7

QUIZ on Monday

  • Mendel’s 3 conclusions
  • Monohybrid crosses
  • Dihybrid crosses
  • Vocabulary

Thursday, 11/6 (due Friday, 11/7)
Test Cross Problem and Questions

Test Cross Problem

Test Cross questions

Wednesday, 11/5 (due Thursday, 11/6)
Dihybrid cross Problems

Monday, 11/3 (due Wednesday, 11/5)
Study Questions and Vocabulary
Begin creating your own study guide:
  1. Study questions
  2. Vocabulary

Can be flashcards or lists

This Week (starting 10/27):

Study for the MIDTERM EXAM

Friday, 10/24 (due Monday, 10/27)
Complete the packet -- “Preparing for the Midterm Exam”

"Preparing for the Midterm Exam"

Thursday, 10/23 (due Friday, 10/24)
Questions 1-11 on the Midterm Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide

Wednesday, 10/22
  • Read the article, Understanding Evolution
  • Answer the questions on the back

Tuesday, 10/21 (due Wednesday, 10/22)
  • Finish the vocabulary sheets for the terms: Homozygous and Heterozygous

Monday, 10/20
Study for tomorrow’s TEST

Friday, 10/17 (due Monday, 10/20)

There will be a TEST on Tuesday

Complete the study guide this weekend.

Thursday, 10/16 (due Friday, 10/17)
  1. Get your grade report signed (2 point bonus on quiz)
  2. Study form tomorrow's quiz

Wednesday, 10/15

There will be a QUIZ on Friday.

You have two nights to study.

The quiz will cover:
  • Protein synthesis
  • Gene Regulation

Tuesday, 10/14 (due Wednesday, 10/15)
  1. Read pages 309-310 in the textbook
  2. Answer the questions given on the question sheet (given below)

Monday, 10/13 (due Tuesday, 10/14)
  • Write a step-by-step explanation of protein synthesis.
  • You must include both transcription and translation

Thursday, 10/9 (due Friday, 10/10)
Complete your Protein Synthesis flow charts

Wednesday, 10/8 (due Thursday, 10/9)
  1. Watch the video, “From DNA to Protein”
  2. Answer the questions on the homework sheet

website for video:

Tuesday, 10/7 (due Wednesday, 10/8)
  1. Read the article, “What is a Gene?”
  2. Answer the questions that follow the article

Monday, 10/6 (due Tuesday, 10/7)
  1. Write out an explanation of what happens in all stages of cell division
  2. It must be in paragraph form
  3. Include a diagram

Friday, 10/3
Study for Monday's QUIZ: cell size and the cell cycle

Thursday, 10/2 (due Friday, 10/3)
  • Read and outline pages 241-243 in the textbook
  • Answer questions 1-4 on page 243

Monday and Tuesday

Study for Wednesday's UNIT TEST

Friday, 9/26 (due Monday, 9/29)

Complete the study guide for next week's test.

The test is Wednesday, 10/1

Thursday, 9/25 (due Friday, 9/26)
Complete a vocabulary worksheet for each of these terms:

  • Organelle
  • Lipid Bilayer
  • Diffusion
  • Osmosis

Wednesday, 9/24 (due Thursday, 9/25)
  1. Read and take notes on pages 206-207 and 214 of the textbook
  2. Grade reports must be signed!

Tuesday, 9/23 (due Wednesday, 9/24)
Make flashcards for all vocabulary words that pertain to cell membranes and cell transport

Monday, 9/22
Study for tomorrow's QUIZ on cell transport

Friday, 9/19
Study for Monday's QUIZ: cell structures and their functions

The complete Lab Report is due on Friday 9/19.

  • The lab report must be typed.

  • It must be turned in AT THE START OF CLASS on Friday

  • Turning in a lab report late results in -15 points each day it is late.

Monday, 9/15 (due Wednesday, 9/17)

Hand in the following parts of your lab report:

  • Data
  • Conclusion

This is due on Wednesday.

It must be typed, and table and graph cannot be hand-drawn

Thursday, 9/11 (due Monday, 9/15)

Hand in the following parts of your lab report:

  • Variables
  • Materials
  • Procedure

This is due on Monday.

It must be typed

Wednesday, 9/10

Study for Thursday's UNIT TEST

Tuesday, 9/9 (due Wednesday, 9/10)
Complete all questions on the study guide

The UNIT TEST will be this Thursday (9/11)

Monday, 9/8 (due Tuesday, 9/9)

  1. Re-write your lab report introduction based on any new information you received today.
  2. Begin reviewing the Unit Test Study Guide

Friday, 9/5 (due Monday, 9/8)

  1. Research the questions given to you for next week’s lab.
  2. Write out your research in paragraph form.
  3. Provide both citations and a separate reference page.

Thursday, 9/4 (due Friday, 9/5)

  1. Read the Student Lab Handout
  2. Complete the pre-lab questions

Wednesday, 9/3 (due Thursday, 9/4)
1. Draw a diagram of the enzyme-substrate complex
(an example can be found on pg. 52 of the textbook)

2. Explain in detail how the enzyme-substrate complex works

Tuesday, 9/2 (due Wednesday, 9/3)

Read and take notes on pages 49-53 of the textbook (Chemical Reactions and Enzymes)

Friday, 8/29

Study for Tuesday's QUIZ

The quiz will cover:
  • the structure of the atom
  • elements, compounds, and molecules
  • chemical bonding

If you were absent on Friday, here are the Powerpoint presentation for macromolecules, and the fill-in notes (this will NOT be on the quiz)

Powerpoint presentation

Fill-in notes

Thursday, 8/28 (due Friday, 8/29)
  1. Read pages 44-48 in the textbook
  2. As you read, take notes in your notebook
  3. At the end of your notes, create a list of key vocabulary words from the reading with definitions

Wednesday, 8/26 (due Thursday, 8/27)

Make flashcards or a vocabulary study list for all words on the word wall.

Complete a vocabulary chart for the word bonding

Tuesday, 8/26 (due Wednesday, 8/27)

1. Three sheets to have signed
  • course syllabus
  • lab safety contract
  • parent contact form

2. Fill out your "Biography Index" card