This page will provide you with numerous web-based sources for research.



Inner Body (Muscular System)
Use this link to find the locations and functions of the muscles of the human body

Cells Alive
Interactive models, puzzles, and quizzes

Encyclopedia of Life
Attempting to compile information on every species known to humankind

Science for Citizens
Real scientific research that you can do

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin
Books, manuscripts, articles, etc. by and about C. Darwin

Tree of Life Web Project
Learn how all the species on Earth are related


Cool website with easy to understand explanations of genetics

Talking Glossary of Genetics Terms
A great way to learn the terms and concepts used in genetic research (from the National Human Genome Research Institute)

Dynamic Periodic Table
An online Periodic Table of Elements that has everything!

​Khan Academy
A non-profit educational website that offers lessons on almost anything


On The Origin of Species
by Charles Darwin

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