Wiki Etiquette

Be safe. Never post personal information (about you or anyone else) like phone numbers, email addresses, or where you live. Never post anything that is embarrassing or harmful to another person. Remember that the Internet never forgets! Once you post something it's out there forever, even if you delete it. Before you post, think.

Be nice. One of the disadvantages to web-based technology is that it is sometimes very difficult to convey tone, as you would with your voice, facial expressions, or body language. Keep in mind that if you post something sarcastic, or are attempting to crack a joke, it may not always seem that way to the reader. Sometimes, it may even come off as mean- spirited. Never post anything that someone else may find offensive.

Be respectful. You and your peers (and Mr. Capozzi) are all working very hard on assignments, research, and Wiki communication. Never deliberately delete the work of someone else. When using the discussion page, be mindful of the mutual respect that we exhibit in class. If you have any questions on how to update something, just ask!

Be honest. Provide proper citations when it is called for. Always give credit to photos, videos, or pieces of writing. This includes giving credit to your peers.

Be studious. Only post information that you know to be correct. The sources for any research should always be reliable and credible.

Be creative. This Wiki is your space. As long as you are posting material or ideas that are in line with class assignments or content, feel free to show us your best stuff and let yourself shine through!

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